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UK Healthcare Communications Salary Survey 2020

Welcome to the 3rd annual Salary and Workforce Insight survey produced by Paramount Recruitment and supported by MedComms Networking.

This survey provides an invaluable insight into the salaries, benefits, views and challenges within the Healthcare Communications sector.

Our survey undertaken with the support of MedComms Networking has now been published. The survey opened on the 28th April and closed on 25th May. We received 941 responses in total.

This year we find ourselves working in a very different situation and COVID-19 has had a major impact on all of our lives. The timing of our survey has meant we were able to gain a insight into how COVID-19 will impact the Healthcare Communications Sector. We’d like to thank all particpants for taking part in our survey.

We took part in a webinar presenting the key findings of the report on 17th June. You can watch the webinar below:

Click below to view our summary report:

Watch the webinar:

2020 Healthcare Communications Salary and Workforce insight report.

Our full report which is available on request covers:

  • Average salaries for each main role in the UK

  • Salary breakdown by gender and region

  • Benefits received by employees

  • Hours worked per week on average

  • What employers are looking for from candidates

  • Future demand for skills in the sector

To request a full copy of our 2020 report, please complete your details on the form on the right and we’ll be in contact with you.

We also have a USA version of this report. Click here for more information our on USA report

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