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Tumour cells can be trapped by newly developed chip


Cells from the main site of a tumour can circulate around the body via the bloodstream, causing the disease to spread.

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Research reveals new procedure for lung ailment diagnosis in children


Great Ormond Street Hospital in the UK has been the setting for research into the methods used to diagnose lung ailments in children. The study has revealed that healthy children of different ethnicities have different lung capacities.

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Figuring out those medicine information leaflets


How many of us actually read those little pieces of paper that accompany prescribed or over-the-counter medicine that people take every day. We rely on the fact that because the medication has been prescribed by a medical practitioner or pharmacist it should be safe and appropriate for a specific diagnosis.

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Resistance to Antibiotics


t is becoming well known that the use of many antibiotics over several decades is beginning to backfire as some start to lose their efficacy.

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Human embryonic stem cells created by cloning.


By relocating the nucleus of a mature cell into an egg, scientists have for the very first time, developed human embryonic stem cells. According to stem cell biologist, George Daly at Children’s Hospital Boston and Harvard University, it is a huge landmark achievement.

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A cause for Alzheimers Disease is recognised


A catalytic trigger has been identified by researchers as a factor in the origin of Alzheimer’s disease. This occurs when the basic make-up of a protein molecule alters, causing a chain reaction and resulting in the demise of neurons in the brain.

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A story about strange Tamiflu Data


Recently some interesting information was revealed during the Cochrane investigation in to the efficacy of the Tamiflu vaccine provided by Roche.

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Scientists!!! 8 new tips to get your CV to the top of a search


If you are currently registered to multiple online job boards and agency databases and you are wondering why you haven’t been contacted for relevant positions it could be that your CV is not being found in the new era of Boolean searching and CV-parsing technology.

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New Graduate Training Programme for Paramount


Paramount has launched a brand new Graduate Training Programme to support its significant expansion plans for 2013 and beyond. The first intake of four graduates, all of whom have just completed science-related degrees, started in October 2012.

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