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Top 10 Pet Hates When Dealing With Recruiters


Here at Paramount Recruitment, we recently launched a survey asking clients what their top 10 pet hates are when dealing with recruiters. Although we expected to see some of the answers, many of the pet hates were a bit of a shock to see…

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Why 2014 is a great year to join Paramount Recruitment


It’s a very exciting time in the recruitment market – The REC are forecasting that the UK recruitment market will see accelerating growth with the first quarter growing at about 7% followed by the market picking up to above 8% across the latter part of 2014…

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Permanent salaries rise at fastest rate since July 2007


So it is an exciting time in the market place the REC anticipates 2014 being a year full of opportunity for the UK recruitment industry.

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Female Scientists who changed our world


Marking this year’s International Woman’s Day, here at Paramount we’ve taken a lookback in time and picked out who we think are the most important female scientists of the ages.

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No new centralised medical device approval agency in Europe


The debate over creating a centralized European medical device approval agency is still going strong. In large part, fueled by reactions to the PiP breast implant tragedy, many legislative groups are calling for a centralized standard throughout Europe controlled by one agency.

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Pfizer to pay a settlement of millions in marketing investigation


An agreement has been reached where Pfizer will be paying $491m (£320m) to settle a probe into illegal marketing of the drug, Rapamune by Wyeth, a company that was procured by Pfizer in 2009.

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Tumour cells can be trapped by newly developed chip


Cells from the main site of a tumour can circulate around the body via the bloodstream, causing the disease to spread.

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Research reveals new procedure for lung ailment diagnosis in children


Great Ormond Street Hospital in the UK has been the setting for research into the methods used to diagnose lung ailments in children. The study has revealed that healthy children of different ethnicities have different lung capacities.

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Figuring out those medicine information leaflets


How many of us actually read those little pieces of paper that accompany prescribed or over-the-counter medicine that people take every day. We rely on the fact that because the medication has been prescribed by a medical practitioner or pharmacist it should be safe and appropriate for a specific diagnosis.

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