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Executive Search and Selection

As a specialist recruiter, Paramount Recruitment works solely with the life sciences community and have gained an excellent reputation for filling niche positions and sourcing high level talent across Europe & the US. We offer a proactive and strategic approach to talent acquisition.

Our Executive Search assists life sciences companies to hire and retain quality candidates. We understand the importance of these hard to fill roles and the impact of the right leadership on delivering your strategy. Our approach is shaped by our mission which is to connect industry experts with the talent they need to build a healthier world.

We are highly respected by various pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic organisations who have partnered with us on senior search solutions and high-volume projects. Our Executive Search function supports business critical needs up to C-level, hiring the right people to deliver your organisation’s goals and objectives.

Our industry-specific expertise is underpinned by insights and research into our key sectors. We understand that market knowledge goes hand in hand with data and analysis. Many organisations in our sectors face a diverse range of challenges along with an ever-changing consumer demands and overcoming this requires some very talented people.

Investing in the services of a retained executive search services proves itself to be a cost-effective solution. If you’re looking for us to drive your business forward through the acquisition and management of talent, then please contact:

Joshua Large                                                               
+1 917 985 6753                                                                                                                

Our global reach of talented individuals allows us to work towards your specific set of requirements. Through the analysis of key markets, we profile candidates through employment status and skill level. We then develop a strategic plan to fill identified skills and talent gaps with an aim to deliver a comprehensive shortlist of qualified candidates. We also provide a snapshot of how companies are structured through organograms.

Our unrivalled network of industry contacts gives us the competitive advantage to find the best talent with the necessary skills, experience and competencies to succeed in the role irrespective of their locality.  

Leadership-level roles with niche skill sets are no doubt difficult to fill. To overcome such challenges, we search high calibre candidates with scientific capabilities and skillset. Through dedication, efficiency and accountability we excel in finding leaders who will drive innovation at the individual, team and organizational levels. 

We can help align your senior leadership team through an efficient targeted and cost-effective approach. We represent senior candidates globally who require our connections to make introductions to the right companies.

We understand the benefits of bringing great leadership to your organisation but retaining them is just as important for long term success. We focus on a gaining an edge in today’s tight talent market through a number of retention strategies such as employee surveys. 

We uncover how best ensure teams are productive, committed and loyal. Using this we identify the changes needed to improve staff satisfaction and minimise attrition.