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For candidates on the lookout for new job opportunities, enlisting the help of a recruiter is a great way of finding out about the latest roles available in your specialism and getting you a foot in the door with the companies you want to work with. However, it’s worth being mindful that there are some recruitment agencies out there who can actually do your career more harm than good....

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2019 Global Healthcare Comms Salary published


Following a successful inaugural year in 2018, the second annual salary and workforce insights survey dedicated to the Healthcare Communications sector is published today. It helps you to benchmark your salary against others in the industry and identify key trends within the sector.

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2019 HEOR Market Access survey is launched


Are you paid the going rate for someone with your level of experience? The 2019 HEOR and Market Access workforce insight survey helps you to benchmark your salary against others in the industry and identify key trends within the sector.

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In January 2019, Paramount Recruitment published its second annual Genomics Salary Survey, in conjunction with Frontline Genomics. In this article, Paramount’s Eugene McDaid takes a look at the stories and trends behind the stats:

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Early Diagnosis dominates Festival of Genomics programme


The Frontline Genomics Festival is always a must-attend for Paramount Recruitment and this year’s UK event, held in January at the London Business Design Centre, was no exception. Paramount President Eugene McDaid attended the two-day conference and exhibition to catch up with clients and candidates – past and present – and to hear about all the latest developments shaping the future of the Genomics sector.

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18% Gender pay gap in UK Genomics


The average salary for a male worker in the UK Genomics sector is 18% higher than the average female salary. This gender pay gap was one of the most striking findings from the Genomics Industry Workforce survey report published last week by Front Line Genomics and Paramount Recruitment.

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USA heads Genomics salary scale


Genomics industry professionals working in the USA are the highest paid in the world and their UK colleagues earn on average less than half as much. This was one of the most striking findings from the second annual Genomics Industry Workforce survey report published this week by Front Line Genomics and Paramount Recruitment.

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As a leading specialist recruitment agency, Paramount understands the importance of getting the right people in the right jobs to maximise the success of a business. These principles are equally as applicable to Paramount’s own operations, and over the last 17 years owners Daniel and Eugene have established a culture which values a job well done, encourages development and rewards success. Here, we take a closer look at what its like to be part of the Paramount team.

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Benchmark your pay in the 2019 Genomics Salary survey


Thank you to everyone that took part in the second annual Genomics salary and workforce survey in partnership with Front Line Genomics. The survey is now closed and we are busy analysing the 1,285 responses.

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While Paramount Recruitment has only just opened an office in the USA, the business is no stranger to working stateside. In fact, James Luterbacher, Associate Director for Healthcare Communications, has been successfully filling vacancies for American clients for more than 18 months – and all from his desk in Birmingham, England.

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Why Europe’s top Genomics talent should be heading for the States


They say that everything in the USA is bigger, and this is certainly true of its thriving healthcare, medical research and pharmaceutical economies. These industries are well funded and rapidly expanding, exhausting the local talent pools – which is why America is now looking beyond its borders to recruit, particularly in the specialist areas of genomics and healthcare communications.

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One year on from Boston Festival of Genomics – what a difference a year makes


In October 2017, Paramount Recruitment Inc President Eugene McDaid visited the Boston Festival of Genomics to hear about the latest developments in the life sciences scene in the US, meet some of the industry’s movers and shakers, and discover more about the need for top talent recruitment in this rapidly growing sector

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Paramount opens new office in Boston, USA


Specialist recruiter, Paramount Recruitment, has opened a new office in Boston dedicated to the needs of clients and candidates working in the US genomics and healthcare communications industries.

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Why become a freelance account handler in healthcare comms?


A growing number of account handling professionals within healthcare communications are working on a freelance or contract basis. Find out the three main reasons why, and what the benefits are of working on contact.

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Winners from Communique Casino competition receive prizes


The two biggest winners at the Paramount Recruitment sponsored casino at the Communique awards in June were delighted to receive their prizes this week.

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Salary survey presented to MedComms networking group


Dan Clifton, Managing Director of Paramount Recruitment, presented the key findings of the Healthcare Communications Salary survey and workforce insight report to the July meeting of the MedComms networking group.

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Healthcare Communications Salary Survey report published


The 2018 Healthcare Communication Salary and Workforce Insight Report has been launched today and enables companies and candidates in the sector to benchmark salaries and identify key trends within the specialist Healthcare Communications market.

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Golf event supports Cancer Research UK


Paramount Recruitment was delighted to sponsor two teams at the Nuneaton Golf club annual charity event in aid of Cancer Research UK.

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Excellent response to Healthcare Comms Salary survey


We have had an excellent level of response to the Healthcare Communications Salary and workforce insight survey 2018. Nearly 300 healthcare comms professionals have completed the survey to date. The survey closes next week so please spare 10 minutes to take part and ensure that you can benchmark your salary versus the industry.

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Jade Page returns after a year on sabbatical


Jade Page joined Paramount Recruitment in 2011 and, after 5 successful years, she was awarded a sabbatical to allow her to travel and experience the world. She has travelled across India, throughout South East Asia, to Fiji and New Zealand before settling in Australia. She is now working from Perth, WA, on international recruitment within bioinformatics for Paramount before returning to the UK in May. She tells us about her travels and shares how the sabbatical has improved her confidence and awareness.

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