Why Europe's top Genomics talent should be headed for the states

They say that everything in the USA is bigger, and this is certainly true of its thriving healthcare, medical research and pharmaceutical economies. These industries are well funded and rapidly expanding, exhausting the local talent pools – which is why America is now looking beyond its borders to recruit, particularly in the specialist areas of genomics and healthcare communications.

Here, Eugene McDaid, President of Paramount Recruitment, shares his top ten reasons why Europeans professionals within the Genomics industry should be considering a transatlantic career leap:

1. Double your money – salaries in the USA are double what companies pay in Europe for a comparable role, so if you want to double your worth in one career move, the States might be for you.

2. A PhD can open more doors for you – when recruiting for companies in Europe, it’s a prerequisite to ask for University education and work experience. However in the USA, a PhD without work experience will open equally as many doors because there is such a high demand for skilled candidates.

3. Fast moving jobs market – employment and contract law in the US is very different to the UK and Europe. As a result, candidates can change jobs more quickly and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

4. Big opportunities – there is a phenomenal amount of investment going into medical research in the US, offering candidates the opportunity to get on some of the largest scale projects going on in their field. America is also home to the well-funded Ivy League universities, which offer fantastic research and academic opportunities too.

5. Tech investment – the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Facebook are now getting on board with the healthcare industry, and major collaborative advances are all happening in the States, such as the recent FDA approval for an Apple watch heart monitor.

6. Openness to new treatments – the healthcare insurance system in the USA means that patients have more influence about the drugs and treatments they want to receive. This means that the healthcare market is more open to trying new treatments, as medical professionals aren’t limited in the same way as NHS doctors.

7. Advertising laws are different – for healthcare communications professionals, the USA presents a new challenge and plenty of opportunities as the rules around the advertising of pharma products are much more relaxed.

8. They speak English! – In Europe, English is widely spoken as a first or second language, so there is no language barrier to overcome if you want to work in the US. Of course there are a few anomalies in American English, but you can soon learn your pavement from your sidewalk.

9. Fun and sunshine – the quality of life in the USA is on par, if not better, than it is in Europe. With the kind of bigger salaries on offer, candidates can establish a comfortable life for themselves and their families, and if you pick the right state, there’s plenty of sunshine too.

10. They need you – the Boston genomics market alone is five times the size of the UK market and its growing, so the demand for talent is huge. This puts European candidates in a great position to negotiate terms.

There is a real energy about the healthcare market in the US, with lots of freedom to explore possibilities and a belief that science can make a difference to the health and wellbeing of people around the world. America has well-funded organizations, great minds working in them and an abundance of career opportunities for candidates with good skills and a ‘go get ‘em’ attitude.

If you want to know more about career opportunities in the USA, talk to us. In 2018 we established a permanent office in Boston and are talking to many US genomics companies about bringing in talent from Europe.

Contact Jade Page for a confidential discussion and an insight into a transatlantic view of the jobs market on both sides of the pond.

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20th November

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