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Genomics Workforce Survey

2019 Survey has been launched - take part here

A survey was undertaken by Front Line Genomics and Paramount Recruitment in the last quarter of 2017 in order to benchmark salaries and identify key trends within the worldwide Genomics labour market.

ReportfontMore than 1,200 Genomics professionals completed the survey and the results were published in February 2018.  A full report is available for free and includes topics such as:

  • Average salaries in the UK, USA and 8 leading countries
  • Salary breakdown by gender, function, role and seniority
  • What attracts candidates to roles
  • Who the leading employer brands are in the sector

Complete the form below to view and download your copy of the full report

Genomics Workforce Survey 2018

We have launched the 2019 survey – take part here

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